Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter baskets, when is too old?

Ok, now it's almost time for Easter, here's the pressing question? When is too old for the Easter basket? Both the kids know that the Easter bunny is actually a middle-aged woman who sneaks outside and puts the baskets out. What to put into baskets of a twelve and fourteen year old?

Candy and what? A razor, a cell phone, an itunes card? This is getting ridiculus! Help! Maybe some gum, those chocolate eggs that are filled with egg colored stuff, oh, those gross me out! How about money-filled eggs?

I have an idea! This year, they leave me an easter basket!

Give me some ideas!


  1. The Easter Bunny always left some books in my kids baskets when they got that age...and maybe some cool pens or markers. Gum. Breath mints. small puzzles to figure out. $5 gift card. A chocolate cross (got some of those to give this year to 21,22,&25 yr. old!) small flashlight, makeup, nail polish, new toothbrushes...not all in the same year, but some fillers to keep from having so much CANDY!

  2. Duh! Why didn't I think about books! My kids are crazy about them and I always get them gift cards at borders at Christmas! Thanks so much, I was really drawing a blank this year!