Friday, May 14, 2010

Daddy Daughter Camp-out

Let me start this post by saying I do not like to camp.  My son had a boy scout camp-out one year on Mother's Day and I whined so much the rest of the camp wanted to vote me off the campground! This was, of course, before the copperhead snake was found under my chair!  After that, several other moms came over to my side and complained loudly also!

That said, I think I like to camp more than my husband.  His idea of camping is to stay outside until bedtime and then come home.  Sometimes, it's really good to be the female in a relationship because you never hear of mom-daughter camp-outs.  It's always the dad that gets stuck doing those things.  Moms and daughters do things like shopping, getting their toenails done and watching tear-jerker movies that the guys in their lives won't sit still for. 

My husband and daughter are camping out tonight.  Our church is sponsering a DD camp-out and I signed my husband up because he was out of town and my daughter's friends and dads were all going!  Normally, we have a rule about signing each other up but lately he's been signing me up to bring things to work so I just thought a little payback might be good!  Not really, but she really wanted to go and I know, and so does my husband, that it won't be many more years when camping out with dad will be really, really uncool.  So we bite our lips and pack for the camp out. 

I'm checking the tent today for spiders and creepy crawly things.  I've got the blow-up mattresses and the battery operated pump ready to go.  I'm getting the fishing poles untangled.  I'm praying for no rain! 

They should have a memory when they return whether good or bad.  I had a friend once who always said, 'You'll have a good time or a good story!' Maybe they will have both!

PS- got an email saying the camp-out is cancelled due to the weather we've been having.  They are postponing until the fall! By then, she'll be aged out and into the youth group.  Maybe I'll just set up the tent in the backyard and they can pretend to camp-out!

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  1. My Scout guys have been on so many camp outs, I've lost count. They've hiked through Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and always talk about it for weeks. My idea of roughing it is a Bed and Breakfast with no TV or phone in Eureka Springs.