Friday, May 7, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Today is my son's last day of school!  I can't decide who is more excited.  I think it might be me!  No more lesson plans, grading, keeping someone on task to finish a job!  He is getting out a week earlier than my daughter because he didn't get snow days and some of the vacation days she did.  It was totally worth it to me. 

I love summer break.  For us, as a family, time loses it's meaning.  We rise when we wake up, we eat when we are hungry, we generally find a routine but it is very different than the school year when everything is timed perfectly.  As the kids have gotten older, my summer seems to be getting shorter.  Already on the calendar, there are four weeks that are filled with camps and such.  I'm penciling in activities that I want to do before school starts in the fall.  Still, it is a welcome break from constant planning. 

I'm busy buying up cheap paper plates and cups because there is always a party or get-together coming up.  And I do not want to miss an opportuntity to host because I'm not prepared!  Since we have a swimming pool, our house is usually the one that gets picked for the get-together and that is fine by me.  I love having kids around, they always know that they are welcome.  That's the way my husband and I want it to be. 

Summer is wonderful and for me, it starts tomorrow! I don't care what the calendar says!

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