Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May in Oklahoma

Ok, I'm grumpy and tired.  This is Oklahoma in May! Tornado season and my weather radio keeps reminding me at awful hours.  Hours when decent people should be asleep in their own beds.  I have my radio set for only severe weather in my county but I swear those people at the national weather service must get a perverse thrill at setting off those alarms every thirty minutes and it's the same severe thunderstorm warning! Why oh why does it need to keep reminding me?

We have a lot of trains in the town I live in.  Trains going and coming at all hours of the day and night.  If you are running late in Claremore, Oklahoma, you get a pass if you just claim a train made you late.  Everybody believes it because it's happened to all of us!   Even the school kids get a pass if they claim a train made them late for school.  Sometimes they just park on the tracks to annoy me I think!  Anyway, they have to blow their horns at every intersection.  During the day, they just toot the horn a little but at night, well, at night they begin blowing about a mile from town and keep it steady until they are about a mile out of town.  I've always said I think that night train conductor has an ex-wife who lives here.  I wish she would move! You do get to ignore it after a while unless you're sleeping with the windows open.  You can't get used to the tornado warnings though, they go off just enough to keep you up all night!

I often think about the boy who cried wolf as I'm laying in bed trying to get back to sleep after it's gone off every thirty minutes for a few hours.  When it's the real thing, I'll probably just ignore it and be swept off to Oz!  Oh, and now, I've signed up for text messaging so when the radio goes off a few minutes later, my cell phone goes off.  Too Much Information at two o'clock in the morning!  Tonight, I think I'll just unplug and turn-off everything and try to sleep.  Then I'll probably just lay there in bed wondering if I'm going to get blown away! Nah, I think I'll just leave it all on and pray for clear skies!

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