Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wish my family were nudists.  Laundry day would be so easy!  Of course, we'd probably still have a large water bill because the kids would need more baths.  But there would be so much less laundry! Especially for my daughter, the style now is to wear two or three shirts and camisoles at a time and of course, they all get put into the hamper.  I don't know how she manages to do it, but she outpaces the rest of us by a mile each laundry day!

My son, now that he is a teenager, needs to change clothes more often now.  It's not that he's a fashionista like my daughter, he stinks!  Boys have a smell about them that is not pleasant.  If you have boys, you know.  If you don't have boys, you have no idea the stench that can come out of a boys room.  I used to laugh at the Febreeze ads, now Febreeze is my best friend.  No joke.  At least twice a week, I open the windows in his room and Febreeze the closet and anything else that touches him. 

The more boys in the house, the worse the stench.  We have boys visiting all the time so the stench can get quite bad sometimes.  This is why they shower so often and create more laundry.  Plus, as the kids have grown, their clothes have gotten bigger.  More laundry! 

Oh well, I'm thinking being a nudist wouldn't go over well in my household.  I'll just keep doing the laundry!

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