Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

What is it with men and holidays?  When I married, I didn't think that I would become the keeper of all holidays but that is exactly what has happened.  My husband does not give it one thought to ask, 'What did we get mom for mother's day?'  I would never think to ask him what he got my mom for mother's day!  I really don't mind getting the gift but I do draw the line at picking out the card and signing it.  I really think he should take some ownership in the holiday - after all - this is HIS mother! The person who gave him life! 

I think it is genetic.  I see my daughter becoming the keeper of traditions at our house.  On Christmas day, we were snowed in but we still had to set the table with the fancy linens and china for breakfast.  One day, I'll go to her house on Christmas and see the table set exactly like I do now.  Not my son, if my future daughter-in-law doesn't have traditions from her own family, there will be none.  He doesn't even give it a thought. 

Women are the keepers of the home, whether we like it or not.  All this women's lib stuff is great, I like being treated in the workplace as an equal but we still are the ones that are genetically programmed to keep family traditions, buy gifts for mothers and fathers and children and set the tone for the home.  So, I guess I'll be buying another mother's day gift this week, I bought my moms a month ago.  I already have an idea I just wanted to watch him squirm a while trying to come up with an idea.  Yes, I think I probably am a very evil woman deep down inside!


  1. Mine not only wouldn't ask, he wouldn't remember. If I didn't buy and send cards, no one in our families would get any for any occasion. I guess we are the designated social secretaries of life. If women didn't plan parties or get-togethers, men would be content to live alone in caves, and grunt, snort and scratch.

  2. so true! I always say I'm going to be really nice to my future daughter-in-law because she'll be the one to buy all my gifts!