Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, I've been kept busy the last few weeks refilling my hummingbird feeders.  The scouts hit Oklahoma in mid-April and are now in full swing.  So many of their favorite flowers are not yet blooming so they really depend on the feeders from their long journey.  During the summer, I have so many flowers blooming that they don't eat much from the feeders but right now I have to keep those feeders full!  I have also spotted an Oriole so I've got my feeder out for them too.  I never have many, just a few times in the spring, I spot them trying to eat out of the hummingbird feeders so I get one out for them too.  I don't want anyone to feel left out!

My husband tells me that everything I take care of gets fat! The dog, Kate, has suddenly gotten a little portly.  The cats are a little on the heavy side too.  Everything except maybe Franklin, my leopard tortiose could stand to lose a little weight.  Maybe this spring and summer, everyone will slim down!

I've been looking and looking but I have yet to see a fat hummingbird.  They move way too fast and too much to ever be fat.  I've never worried about my weight either.  It just always seems to stay the same.  Maybe it's because I don't sit down much either! New diet plan:  the hummingbird diet.  Never sit down, eat only small amounts and beat your arms as fast as you can!  Hey, after reading some of those silly diet books, this one might be a best seller!

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