Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Boy!

My baby boy is fourteen today.  I can't believe that so many years have gone by since I first met him.  It was love at first sight.  He was honestly the most beautiful boy I'd ever laid eyes on.  I wouldn't hardly lay him down.  When I finally would lay him down, my husband would pick him up. 

Why is it that the first baby had just so many pics and videos and each child after that gets fewer and fewer.  When my daughter was born, I made a vow that I would let her get her own pictures.  I am proud to say that she does have many, many photos. 

Getting back to birthdays.  Lazer tag, that's what my son wants to do again for his birthday.  Again.  This is three times that he's done lazer tag.  I really wanted to take a float trip and take some of his friends.  He vetoed that and chose lazer tag.  Oh well, I guess I'll schedule a float trip in August sometime. 

Now, I'll just enjoy every birthday.  In two years, there will be real stress.  Car and driver license stress.  In four years, he'll be legal and also a senior in high school.  I think I'll just enjoy today, thinking back to the tiny baby he was fourteen years ago and how I slept with my hand over in the cradle so he wouldn't disappear while I grabbed that big two hours of sleep a night.  I'll probably have to wake him up this morning, I love teenagers!

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