Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

It's simply amazing how busy a person who, supposedly doesn't work full-time, can actually be!  I am busy from sun-up till sun down and still can't seem to find the time to even check my email some days.  Summertime is always really busy with the kids out of school.  I try to do something fun or educational or both each week.  We also go to the library once a week to check out books.  This year, I haven't had time to sit and read for an hour a day like I usually try to do. 

Since we came back from vacation on friday night, I have been running like a mad woman trying to get the house back in order.  We discovered when we returned that our hot water heater was not heating water so doing laundry was out until Sunday afternoon.  It's always a great treat to come home from vacation and not be able to do laundry for three days! My husband was able to fix it and since the water heater was under two years old, it is still under warranty.  I just have to send the reciepts into the company.  His weekend was not exactly what he wanted either since it did not include wishing to lay in the utility room floor for hours.  But, long story short, I just had a wonderful hot shower and have finished the piles of laundry!

My main goals this week is to try to get back into some sort of routine in the house cleaning.  Since it's summer, I have to figure in every other day to pick the garden and the blackberry patch that is giving me a colander full of berries every other day.  I'll post tomorrow about my patch and give you a great cobbler recipe!

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