Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's peach season and I'm one lucky girl! My husband drives by Porter, Oklahoma almost everyday for work and about once every two weeks or so, he stops in and picks up a big bunch of juicy, ripe peaches.  Nothing in this world is as good as a really ripe fresh from the grower peach.  At least that's what my daughter says.  It's so funny, because every fruit season she declares that this particular fruit is her favorite.  A few weeks ago, it was the blueberry; before that, it was the strawberry and just the other day, she declared she missed apples!  But now, now it's peaches.

She'll eat three or four a day and that doesn't include any that I serve after dinner as a dessert.  At my house, usually we have some sort of dessert with dinner.  In the winter,  it's a pudding, a cookie and applesauce, or a fruit bread but all summer long it's fresh fruit.  It may be a cream pie but usually, it's just fruit, sometimes with yogurt sometimes not.

I had a friend years ago who brought this dessert as a salad to a cookout I hosted.  It was so good and so decadent but I really didn't feel right eating it as a salad so I got the recipe and relabeled it at my house as a dessert.  It's one of my kids favorites, in fact, my son requested it with his birthday dinner instead of a cake.  Don't worrry, he also had a cookie ice cream cake too! He's just not a big cake eater so his birthday party is lazer tag, swimming and banana splits and pizza.  Not necessarily in that order.

Here's my recipe for our favorite peach salad/dessert! I serve it especially when I make dinner for someone who is trying to lose weight.  They can't believe that it can be so good and so little calories.

Peach Berry Salad Dessert

a peach a person, coat the cut peach with lemon juice or fruit fresh
1/2 cup berries per person: blackberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.  Right now, I'm picking blackberries so that's what I'm using.
1 Tablespoon flake coconut per person
1 teaspoon chopped chocolate per person; this can be chocolate chips, a chocolate bar, chocolate kisses, the chocolate you keep above the fridge out of reach from the kids; dark, white or regular chocolate.

Mix all together and chill until serving.  To make this special for company, I chop a little fresh mint over the top when I serve it.  You could serve it with whipped cream but that just adds calories. 

I do not measure when I make this recipe.  I just dump it all in, sometimes, I add more chocolate, sometimes less, sometimes none at all but this does not make the rest of the family happy!

If you are lucky enough to score some really good peaches, try this recipe!

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