Monday, July 26, 2010

Falls Creek Week

This week, I'll be gone to church camp all week as a sponsor.  Oklahoma Baptists have Falls Creek, the largest Christian youth camp in the world.  In the summer youth weeks, over 50,000 kids visit for six days at a time for an intense time of fellowship, worship and generally a good time in temperatures that usually hover around 100 degrees! 

Thirty years ago, this week, I traveled as a thirteen year old, future eighth grader to Falls Creek for the first time.  I was scared because I had never been away from home by myself for more than one night before.  I was scared because I was going with a church that I didn't know hardly anyone.  I was scared because I didn't know what to expect.  I left with a new found courage that I didn't know I had.  I could overcome homesickness, heat and lack of sleep and live! 

This year, my fourteen year old, almost eighth grade son will be traveling to Falls Creek for his first time.  I'll be there but I'm staying clear of him.  I want him to experience the power of Falls Creek for himself.  Part of growing up is making it for a week without mom standing over your shoulder.  Besides, I'm the junior high girls dorm nazi so I'll be pretty busy!  I've been laughing about that because I think our youth minister type-cast me!  The follower of the rules, that's me! 

Pray for me and the kids this week.  I need wisdom and stamina.  We all need to be still and listen to God speaking in their lives.  I am looking forward to getting away from the distractions (this computer included) and spend some time being still and learning. 

If you've never been able to experience a Falls Creek in your life, I'm sorry.  Falls Creek has left it's mark on so many youth in Oklahoma, when you say those two words, most people old and young have a story!  Most talk about listening to 5000 youth singing in the worship hall.  It's something to experience!

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