Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another snow day......

So thankful that I am a work from home employee!  I honestly think I would be driving closely to the madness cliff if I didn't have something to do during all this winter!  We woke up yesterday to another eight to twelve inches of snow....can't tell because we couldn't find a place that didn't already have snow to measure except the front and back porches.  We had eight inches on one side of the house and twelve inches on the other side.  I think I'll just say ten inches. 

My daughter is close to losing her mind! She's missing her friends and wants to get back to all her activities!  Being stuck at home with mom and dad and big brother is no fun at all...there are only so many places to hide in our house so she's pretty much stuck in her room.  Luckily, her brother still has school so he's been busy at least a few hours each day. 

My husband has been able to commute to work for exactly two days since last tuesday.  His normal commute is an hour so when you can't even get out out of the driveway, it's kind of dumb to drive to work.  He can also work from home just as easily so the easy chair has been his office lately.  Makes cleaning the living room a bit difficult but I know that someday, I'll have that room back!

To say that we're all tired of winter is an understatement of the year! We are ready to book a flight to anywhere closer to the equator!  So last night, I made comfort food deluxe! Homemade pancakes, fried ham, scrambled eggs and blackberries and blueberries with syrup.  You put that on the table and everyone forgets their troubles of the day!  We had very little left after we pushed away from the table.  Of course, I had made enough to feed Kate some extra dinner tonight! She's tucked into her heated dog house but I still feel sorry for her out there!  She's the only one who seems to enjoy the weather.  She actually goes out and rolls in the snow!  She'll chase the ball through the snow even though the snow rubs her belly.  She sure enjoyed the eggs and ham too. 

Oklahoma is supposed to be getting warmer and warmer this weekend, the weather men are saying it's going to be close to sixty by next tuesday! WooHoo! We'll be bringing out the flip-flops.....I need a pedicure!

Tomorrow is snow day number ten for my daughter this year.....she'll probably be going to school until mid-June, while I'm sitting by the pool.  I haven't told her that would probably push over the edge.........

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