Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garden catalogs!

My gardening catalogs keep rolling in as a constant reminder that spring is fast on the way!  I know, I know, here in Oklahoma, we'll probably have at least one more ice/snow event but it will be a fast mover...they don't hang out long once we get out of February!  So come on March!

Everyday when I go to the mailbox, I usually get another seed or garden catalog.  I love looking through the pages at all the bright happy plants.  About this time of the year, I get the spring fever so I'm glad that I can get outside and dig around in the dirt cleaning out flower beds or sowing early seeds inside for my spring garden. I've already started my tomatoes and am patiently waiting......maybe not so patiently!  I want to get them planted outside today!  It's hard to wait for spring..

This year, however, I'm a bit hesitant for spring.  Since we broke record lows this winter, I'm wondering if I will lose some plants.  I worried about my new blackberries that I planted last spring.  I am supposed to harvest a crop this year but blackberries sometimes die back to the ground in really cold weather.  I'm worried about my strawberries.  It's a waiting game for some of the flowers too.  Will my azaleas come back, what about my crepe myrtles? 

To put a positive spin on things, my grandma used to say that the hard killing cold killed it's share of snakes, ticks and chiggers too!  I'm going to be really mad if my blackberries, strawberries and crepe myrtles bit the dust but the snakes made it......

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