Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eating from the Stockpile

Ok, this is week two of the EPIC BLIZZARD of 2011 or as some are calling it SNOWMAGEDDEN 2011!  I'm ever so thankful that I stockpile shop!  I had to actually make up something last weekend so my husband had an excuse to leave the ponderosa and check out the roads.

I still don't need to grocery shop but my stockpile will be a bit depleted after this is all over.  We have been eating like kings though.  I've been able to keep to my menu as I typically have a two week delay between eating and buying.  Plus, I always have a few meals that I always keep handy for those just in case nights that are quick and easy.  Things like soup and spaghetti and a few frozen casseroles.

It's been nice to know I don't have to venture out and fight the crowds at the grocery store.  I can just follow my menu and feed my family.  Plus, I purchased most of the food with coupons on sale so I'm saving money too!  That deserves a little happy dance!

I actually had time to make the world famous bar-be-que sauce that I've been meaning to make.  I've been buying the items when I could get them on sale and finally had them all together.  I put up twelve pints so that should keep us for this year.  I can it so I don't have to store so much in the fridge.  I just put it into the canned food pantry along with the summer produce and fruit.  Here in Oklahoma, it's also a great quick gift for someone.  Everybody loves bar-be-que and everyone is always looking for the best sauce.  My son thinks I should sell it.

I'll tell you the bar-be-que story tomorrow.  It's full of intrigue and is steeped in family history!  Oh great, another family story.....

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