Monday, February 7, 2011

Seeing the Big Picture....

I saw a cartoon the other about southerners and snow, of course, the first day it was all 'yeah, snow! It's so pretty, I'm eating snow ice cream, school's out!'  By the fourth day however, it was a totally different story! The poor little stick figure was laying there, almost dead because of boredom and beginning to go very true in Oklahoma!

We don't get much snow so it's fun, fun, fun at first.  That first or second snowday is like a little gift.  You get to sleep in and finish projects that you don't normally get to work on.  But the difference between us and the northern states is that we expect that snow to melt away in a matter of days, not weeks!  We want to see blue skys and sunshine as soon before the end of the week.  We don't have the equipment to clear the roads so we're stuck in our homes with our families!

We got out over the weekend to see how the roads were and take my son over to a friends for a few hours.  As we were driving out in the country, I looked at the snow covered hills.  It was so peaceful looking, like everything was covered in a powdered sugar blanket.  I began to think about all the plants and animals that were tucked safely under all that snow.

You see, snow is a great insulator and we've had record low temperatures this last week.  We've also been under a severe drought.  I've been praying for moisture each week.  So suddenly we have a lot of moisture and record low temperatures, God has a way of taking care of his creatures.  I wondered how many animals and plants would have died if we just had been hit with record low temperatures without the protective covering of the snow blanket.

I began to be thankful for this snow.....the precious moisture will be appreciated as it slowly melts into the ground.  The animals are thankful as they are able to burrow under the snow and stay warmer.  My little brain sometimes just gets so carried away with wanting what I want, when I want it and I forget to stop and look at the wonder of nature.  I need to just stop, look, listen and be thankful; for whatever comes my way.  I need to trust that God is faithful and He will provide for me.  If He cares enough to water the plants in Oklahoma, I'm sure He cares for me!

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