Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flourless Chocolate Cake- Not!

So Valentine's Day 2011 is over, we had a great time!  Unfortunately, my daughter had a numb mouth because both of the kids had dental appointments this afternoon for cleanings.  My daughter is getting braces next week so I wanted the braces put on clean teeth!  I moved up the cleanings and ended up with Valentine's Day, couldn't be helped.  Anyway, she had a partial numb mouth but I think she still was able to eat all the food and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I said earlier that I had a new dessert to try, flourless chocolate cake.  I made it yesterday and it was quite memorable.  My son and I had quite a laugh as we were making it.  He described it as an epic fail that turned out ok!

To start with, the author of the recipe said to use a nine-inch cake pan.  Well, the pan was about a half too small so part of the cake ended up on the bottom of my clean oven...well I had put aluminum foil on the bottom so I just scraped it off and ate it!  I also took off the pieces that fell on the oven grates, ate that too. 

The recipe said to cook for forty minutes.  It ended up taking about sixty minutes.  When I finally was satisfied that it was done, I let it cool for thirty minutes like the recipe said.  Then I was supposed to turn it over and dump it out.  Well, I had to eat some more of the cake that was hanging over the pan. That's when my son got in on the eating frenzy.  We ate all the stuff hanging over the side and I picked up the cake to turn it over.....and that's when it got interesting!  I picked up the entire top came off!  In a perfect heart, I lifted up the top of cake!  My son started laughing and laughing!  I gently laid down the top of the cake and proceeded to turn over the cake and it came out perfectly onto my cake pedestal.  I then picked up the top and placed it over the cake!  Looked pretty good actually, that's when my son decided that the epic fail turned into an ok!

I made a raspberry sauce to serve with the cake.  After our dinner of shrimp cocktail, tomato-feta salad, grilled steak and baked potato and homemade bread; we served the the flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and chamomile tea.  I started calling it the earthquake cake because the minute that I started cutting it, it broke into a million pieces!  My daughter accused me of thinking that one up early in the day and waiting to use it all day!  I really didn't, it just came to me, I promise.....

It wasn't too bad, it tasted like eating chocolate meringue.  My husband suggested that next time we just have regular chocolate cake.  It isn't something I think I will make again.....

But we had a great valentine's day!

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