Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stir Crazy!

So my hubbie is officially stir-crazy!  Being stuck inside a house with two moody teenagers and cabin feverish husband is not my idea of a good time.....I don't know how many more days I'll be able to cope without hiking to town to see other people!

There is hope!  One of the nearby neighbors has a tractor with large wheels that can move in the snow so tomorrow, he'll hopefully be able to plow our drive.  He is using it today to clear their very long driveway and some of the older neighbors. By tomorrow afternoon, my husband may be able to get in his truck and drive in the one lane that is cleared to town and mingle with all the other stir-crazy men in this town!

I, on the other hand, like being stuck at home.  I'm a bit of a hermit anyway, so this just gives me a reason not to go out!  I have plenty of food and staples to last for at least two weeks so I'm in no hurry to visit civilization.  It must be a man thing as my daughter is happy at home and my son is crawling the walls!

The official snowfall for yesterday in Claremore was twenty inches.  On our property, some places have four foot snowdrifts so walking anywhere is tricky.  I walked up to the road and it took me about forty-five minutes just to walk up and back.  I was winded and tired, sweaty and cold and ready to go back inside! 

They've already called off school for  my daughter today and my guess is that she won't be back until Monday, that's if we don't get anymore!  Oklahoma is just not prepared for winter weather like this! We don't have the equipment to clear the roads like northern states do. It just doesn't make sense to purchase it since it only happens occasionally!

We broke the record for snowfall yesterday, we had more snow in a twenty-four hour period than since they started keeping records in 1900.  I told the kids to really look at the snow because chances are, they won't ever see this much snow in Oklahoma the rest of their lives.  I'm taking plenty of pictures too.  I'm hoping to post some tomorrow once I evict my husband out of the office so I can get to the computer I download pics on.  Maybe he'll get to go to town and I can get something done tomorrow!

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