Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Unless you're a government or bank employee, you may not have realized that this is President's Day!  When I was a kid, we celebrated George Washington's birthday and Abe Lincoln's birthday seperately but sometime in that forty years, someone decided to merge the two together.  As school kids, we didn't get the days off so it really didn't matter to me!  What did matter was that my mom always made a cherry dessert on old George's birthday.

I know the story about George chopping down the cherry tree is folklore, but it sure is nice to know that on that day, when you came home from school, it didn't matter what we were having for dinner because that night there would be dessert!  We usually didn't eat dessert after a normal weekday dinner, probably why none of us really struggle with our weight.  My sister says she does but she really doesn't, she's tall, thin and very nice looking!  Men used to ask her if she knew she looked like Julia Roberts!  Anyway, that's a bit off topic.....I'm talking about pie!

Today, I had to run into town to pick up some printer ink so my usual Reasor's grocery store stop was going to be a Walmart run.  I really have to gear myself up for Walmart.  It is my least favorite place to shop in the entire town, possibly state, maybe the entire country or world.  I just don't like it.  They are always moving things around so I can't find things, there are unkempt people shuffling around like they live there, and it takes so long to check out!

Today, I was just going to pop in, grab my printer ink, some frozen cherries for my pie and get out of that place!  Ha! Did I mention I don't shop there because they are like the Lowe's of the grocery world.....a little of this and that but don't ask for anything really specific because they don't carry it!  Yep, you guessed it.  No frozen cherries!  None!  I found frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, a frozen mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries but not one cherry!  Frozen cantelope and melon mix but still no frozen cherry!  I thought maybe I was mistaken, so I asked a person dressed up to resemble an employee.  They looked and looked, basically where I looked and then declared that they must not carry them.

"Bummer, that means that President's Day is cancelled!" I declared.  Who ever heard of a store that doesn't carry frozen cherries!  Well, I did manage.  I bought a can of pitted cherries and had a bag of frozen cherries in my freezer(from good old Reasor's)!  The pie is in the oven baking as we speak.  The vanilla ice cream is waiting patiently in the freezer....oh yeah, we are really having dinner, cornbread topped chili casserole.  It's good but no one will remember it.  All they will remember is that we had pie....on a weeknight!

God bless our president's and president's day!!!!

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