Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eating Local

So we woke up this morning, day number five of being stuck in the house. My husband actually thought he was going to work yesterday.  He commutes sixty miles one way normally.  Before getting twenty-three inches of snow! Did I say we got another three or so of snow yesterday?  I did the teenage eye-roll when he told me that he was going to work! I also said, 'make sure and pack some clothes, because you'll be there all weekend.'

He decided not to go when the weather service put us under a winter storm watch that was later upgraded to a warning.  The mood was tense at our house so after lunch, I suggested that we go into town and let me do my weekly Walgreen's coupon run.  There was a few really good deals I had coupons on so it gave the man an excuse to drive off the Ponderosa! Boy, he was excited!

Roads were bad, but the people were friendly.  Something about being cooped up for many days with only family makes total strangers fast friends!  Heck, we're just glad to see someone else!

As we were going into Walgreens, we met someone we know coming out.  They let us know there was no milk.  Why would I buy milk at Walgreens, I thought?  We have a dairy in town....Both my husband and I said at the same time, 'go to Swan's!'  You see we have a little old-fashioned dairy in Claremore. Swan Dairy has been around for a couple of generations and they sell good, old-fashioned non-pasteurized milk!  It tastes just delicious!

Some people get all freaked out about their milk being non-pasteurized but most of us drank non-pasteurized milk as kids or had parents that did.  A lot of times, we got milk from the neighbors in a cleaned out pickle jar!  I don't ever remember being fact, back then, it seemed most of us were healthier than kids are now.   Maybe it's because we're just so clean now,  kind of makes me want to keep the house a little dirtier so everybody will stay healthy! He! he!

Well, back to Mr. Swan.  His first name is Harley, although I call him Mr. Swan.  Used to sit by him and his wife in church until we had to move closer to the youth group, ask my son about that!  Anyway, I like knowing when I drive up to Swan's, I can see the cows through the window getting milked, if I go at milking time.  And I get a friendly wave from Mr. Swan and the other employees working there.  It's primarily a family affair so they are always there, no new employees working every week.  They also make great cheese, especially cheese curds.  Sometimes, I eat half of them before I get home.

So you see, it never occurred to me to buy milk at Walgreens or the grocery store.  When all the milk is gone in Claremore, I know where to find more.  The cows make it everyday no matter what the weather!  Buying local has it's rewards! 

If you ever get the chance to drive through Oklahoma, stop by the Swan Dairy in Claremore.  Stop and watch the cows getting milked and say hello to Mr. Swan and the family! Just don't buy all the cheese curds....I need some to put in my Italian salad!


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  2. I took out your comment because I didn't want you email posted! Sorry! Anyway, Swan's Dairy is located right off the I-44 Claremore exit. You'll turn left into Claremore and they are the first right you come to. The actual address is: 938 East 5th Street, Claremore, Ok!
    I stopped by today to pick up milk and they were busy! But they'll never run out!