Friday, February 18, 2011

Beef jerky....the perfect gift!

So we exchanged small gifts on Valentine's Day.  I always get the kids some little something.  My  mom did it for me and my sister, I do it for my own kids.  We used to get heart earrings or red pj's or panties or something cute.

My daughter got a little pink pair of running shorts. They are hot pink and really cute.  She'll look so cute out running in them. Don't tell her I said that or she'll never wear them!  The point is, it's easy to buy something cute for her for Valentine's Day.....not so much with my son!

Teenage boys get tricky when it comes to buying gifts.  Heaven knows he needs more cologne or body wash or spray.  When he actually uses it, I can barely breath.  I think this bronchitis I have may have more to do with Axe body spray and less to do with a virus! My poor lungs!  But that's when he actually uses it....most days, I have to threaten to bath him myself before I can get him into the shower.   A mother of an older boy has promised me that he will eventually get the hang of personal hygiene but I'm not sure at this time....maybe in a few years when a girl is in the picture..I can only dream.  He keeps reminding me that he's living here until he's thirty and I keep reminding him that he's not!

I finally struck upon the perfect Valentine's gift.  An assortment of beef jerky! Perfect! He almost cried with joy when he opened the package.  Four different flavors so he could mix and match! He was in heaven.....for three days.  That's how long it took him to eat all four packages.....Easter basket shopping will be easy this year.  I've just got to figure out how to roll up the jerky to fit into the eggs!

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