Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love the sunshine!  I really missed it during the snow days we had the last few weeks! I missed taking my daily walk in my mud boots with Miss Kate by my side.  Not much to see in the winter but I'm always checking the status of my daffodils and Miss Kate loves anything I do with her.  Dogs are like that...doesn't matter if I'm just digging in the garden, she likes having me with her.  I have fallen hard for this silly dog.....didn't see that one coming!

I've been out stalking the daffodils and guess what?  Some of them have made an appearance!  Yep, one week after we hit record lows, I have sweet little daffodils peeking up through the ground!  Sunshine and my first peek of daffodils in the same day....this is a good day!

Daffodils are pretty hardy little flowers.  They are sunny, bright yellow little flowers that store it's energy from last summer and lay underground all during all the hottest part of the summer.  They put on quite a show but it's short-lived and many times, in Oklahoma, is cut way too short by an ice or snow storm or a powerful thunderstorm.  That doesn't bother those resilient flowers, they store more energy and try it again next spring.  I think as I've gotten older, I've become a little more daffodil than I used to be.  When I get knocked down, I get back up again and try over.  Age seems to bring a resiliency that I didn't have when I was young.

I've lived long enough to know it won't always be easy, that things are going to turn bad eventually and how I respond will matter more than what happens.  That things will turn good eventually.  That success sometimes means walking away from the thing you thought you wanted more than anything.  That some people are the sum of what you see, there is nothing else to them.  That real friends can not talk for months, even years, and then take right back up where they left off.  That being a daffodil is better than being a rose.......

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