Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My husband is a birder.  He loves to identify the birds by sight and song.  I like birds but really butterflies are more interesting to me.  We do have several feeders for seed eaters and nectar drinkers throughout our yard and lots of different nesting boxes too.

His biggest fight in the summer is with the resident sparrows who try to take over every box on the property.  He has tried several ways to discourage the nasty birds with very little success.  Mostly, he traps them and disposes of their bodies in the woods.  I know it sounds cruel and gross but these birds will kill song adult birds and their babies.  They are quite abit like a noxious weed!

He has been quite successful fighting the sparrows.  We have had two nestings of bluebirds so far and one of titmice, cardinals and several wrens.  It is interesting to see the eggs become babies and the babies become youth who leave the nest.  Most of the young birds are quite ugly, kind of like middle school kids.  I know that was the most terrible looking part of my life!  Everything seemed to be growing at a different speed.  Those poor birds look about the same.  Feathers of all sorts of colors, sticking out all over the place! I'm glad that part of my life is over! Now it's just all graying and drooping!

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my hummingbirds were missing.  They were nesting and now they are back, they have brought the new teens with them.  I thought one had the mange the other day but I realized that it just hadn't developed the colors of an adult.  It is fun to watch them interact with their parents.  Sometimes the parent will still feed the child but mostly, the parent is trying to get the kid to do something on his own. 

I can't remember if I'm writing about the birds or my own children! Sounds a bit like parenting teens.  I guess we're all in the same animal kingdom so parenting is very similar whatever animal you are. 

I'm looking forward to walking around tonight and checking the boxes.  It's a fun alone time with my husband. My birds will stay in the pool and wait until I bring them something to eat!

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