Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Update

I've been picking my first cherry tomatoes this week! I planted two different varieties of cherries and have been pleased with both.  I should be getting roma and old german before to awful long as hot as it's been! 

My striped zuchini is also coming along nicely, I've been picking and eating them also.  I made my sunday night frittata and used zuchini and onions from the garden.  I made an greek one using sauted zuchini, onion and garlic, some jarred brushetta and feta cheese.  If my spinach had made it one more week, I would have used that also but it got pulled last week to make way for swiss chard and lima beans.  My daughter likes lima beans so I planted some.  I'm not a great fan but I've never grown them before, I might change my mind when they are fresh!

I should be harvesting an eggplant and purple peppers this week and my pole beans are giving me a handful of beans almost every day.  I'm seeing a ratatoiulle in my future by the weekend!

My meal plans get a little on the fluid side in the summer months because of my garden.  I use what I've got so I'm generally only planning a nightly meat or bean to add to the bounty.  I love summer!  Some nights, I just put out what I've got with a little thinly sliced lunchmeat and cheese and we eat what I call 'antipasta', in Okie terms I think it means, 'whatever I've got plus some pickled veggies'!  My kids love that night because we usually eat out on the porch and it's totally finger food.  We tend to linger longer for dinner when we eat outside.

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