Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer in Oklahoma!

I know it's not officially summer yet but it sure feels like it in Oklahoma! With temperatures hovering around ninety and the humidity in the seventy percents, summer is here doesn't matter what the calendar says.  This is the time of year when I thank God that we have air conditioning and the money to pay for it. 

Gardening takes on a whole new meaning when it gets hot out.  I get outside by seven and hopefully, am done by ten or eleven.  Then, it's stay inside chores that will get done until after dinner.  After dinner, it's outside time either chores or pool time until it's bedtime.  I sometimes feel like a lizard that lives in a hot, hot dessert.  I stay under my rock until the sun goes down. 

One good thing about where our house is located is that it always has a pretty good breeze blowing around it.  I can sit out under a shade tree and feel really comfortable.  I used to ask my grandparents how they managed it when they were kids in the heat.  They actually would drag out the beds and sleep on cots in the backyard.  Everyone would!  If you lived in a neighborhood, the entire neighborhood would be sleeping on cots in the backyard.  I always thought that was funny, kind of like a giant church camp sleep-over!  I'm glad I have air conditioning and the ability to pay for it!

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