Monday, June 21, 2010

Church Camp

By the time most of you read this, I'll be on my way with over fifty very high energy third through sixth graders to kids camp.  Please pray for me because being a camp counselor is not something that I think I do well.  The last time I was a counselor, my own children were not even born!  I get tired of the late nights, the never-ending activities and the early mornings.  I tend to like things a little more in my control and more orderly.  I always end up having a good time, learning new things and getting in touch with God in a more personal way though so this time, I do have a bit more positive attitude than some times before. 

The other counselors that are going are friends so I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.  I know most of the kids that are going and looking forward to getting to know them a bit more and it's my daughters last year at kid camp so I'm going to enjoy seeing her finish her last year at a child's camp and enter into the world of youth!  I am also looking forward to some quiet alone time with God.  I need to sort out what He wants me to do next year. 

As a teacher that quit mid-year last year, I'm itching to find out what's next for me.  So far, God has pretty much been silent on the subject.  I feel like He's been asking me questions about why I feel the need to find something else to do besides being a mom, a volunteer for everything under the sun, a wife who's not nearly as stressed as when she was working, a homeschool teacher for my son and the list goes on and on.  I seem to need to fill every waking minute with something and maybe He needs me to take a break and just be still.

I'm hoping that this week, I can work through some of my questions and get to some answers.  Pray for me and my little charges.    We can look forward to a fun, frantic and hopefully, soul-searching week!

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