Friday, June 11, 2010


It's blueberry season in Oklahoma!  I love blueberries and used to pick gallons to put away for winter.  Then, my kids were born and spending hours out in the sun picking gallons of blueberries just didn't seem to work for me.  That's when I discovered that for just a few dollars more, the farm will pick for you! 

I've located a few reliable farms within an hours drive that I can call ahead and pick them up.  I have several friends that I also pick up gallons and gallons for freezing and just eating now.  I individually freeze the washed and drained berries on waxed paper on cookie sheets.  Once they are frozen, just a hour or two will freeze them, I put them into gallon bags.  They can be scooped out and used in various things over the winter.

It's so nice to have pancake night in December with a big bowl of blueberries to put all over the top!  We also use them in smoothies, muffins and to top off oatmeal.  I used to cool the oatmeal down when the kids were little by just throwing in a handful of frozen berries.  Now, the kids can handle the oatmeal a little warmer so I thaw them before adding but they taste like fresh and add so many nutrients to a bowl of homemade oatmeal. 

We also eat about a gallon a week while they are in season.  Cheerios and blueberries are so good during the months of june and july!  My daughter will mix up a bowl dry and eat them all day long!  I've also got a great cream pie recipe I'll share next week!

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