Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Kate, my big black german shephard, is shedding.  I read somewhere that german shephards shed only one one time of the year, 365 days! I can believe it.  I've been brushing her every other day or so and each time, I get a hairball the size of a soccer ball off her.  I can't believe that so much hair can come from this dog.

She doesn't look as menacing as she did a month ago, she is beginning to look downright skinny.  Now I know why she looked so fat before.  She was carrying around fifty pounds of extra hair!  I could keep all the hair and stuff a comforter for winter with all the hair I've taken off.  But, alas, I haven't been keeping it.  First, the idea of stuffing something with it is just plain old gross! I can't believe I even thought about using it for something like that.  I guess that's just the way my mind wanders.  Secondly, I have to quickly take it away from her or she tries to eat it.  I think she thinks it's cotton candy or something.  I don't think she actually swallows it, no, she just chews it around in her mouth and I have to eventually pull it all out.  Gross again! 

If you actually knew me, and some of you do, you'd know just how absurd this last statement about me pulling out gross wet dog hair out of her mouth is!  I just don't do that! But, there I am, picking out dog hair from this dog's teeth......what has she turned me into!

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