Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Camps!

I don't know what I was doing back in April but apparently, there for just a little while, I lost my mind.  I volunteered to be a sponsor for two camps and teach bible school!  Bible schools not bad, I really enjoy doing it and getting to know the kids.  But overnight, sleepaway camp! And two of them! I'm questioning my sanity on that right about now. 

My daughter's last year at kid's camp is next week.  I won't be posting next week for obvious reasons.  Went to the sponsor meeting Sunday.  Why do we have to get up so early for camp?  Why do we have to stay up so late?  These are kids on summer break! Having breakfast at eight in the morning sharp is insane!  This may be why no one has ever asked me to do camp before.  But it's only for four days, my son's first Falls Creek experience is for seven full days! Not working full time has warped my brain.  Being with teenagers for a full seven days my be the end of me.  Maybe God's testing me like he did Job.  No, this might possible be worse than anything He did to Job! (that is a joke!)

I keep telling myself I'm building memories of this time and it will be so short that I'll be glad I did it.  I'll look back on it once I recover from the lack of sleep and laugh at all the good times.  I just hope I'm coherent the last few days of both camps to remember what happened!

I think next year, I'll volunteer my husband to go also! He! He! Misery loves company!

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