Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mission Trips

Pray for me today.  My baby girl is leaving the state on a mission trip.  She's only been away from me a few times and always someplace safe with people that are either family or almost family.  Never on a mission trip to a homeless shelter.  Of course, she is with caring and loving adults. 

She's only going to be gone until Sunday night.  I know that she'll do well and this will be a learning experience. It's just really hard to see them grow up and do things without me! They are still supposed to be babies that are totally dependent on mom! 

Oh, I know in my heart that she still needs me, both of my kids do.  It just seems that this is the beginning of growing up and I don't think I'm really ready for this.  I'm proud that they both are involved and willing to volunteer to help others.  My husband and I have tried hard to show our kids that giving to others is very important.  It does seem to be working....but I'm not really sure that I like them doing it by themselves!

I just need everybody today to pray for me and for her and the other kids.  Especially me!

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  1. I remember when mine went away the first time to Scout camp - for a week! I was on pins and needles! Of course, he had a great time, talked about it for months, and couldn't wait to go back! The first time is hard, but it does get easier. Just pray for her when you're nervous; she's in Good Hands. You can return the favor - since mine is off to college this fall!