Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning new chores

My daughter is learning to mow.  She is extremely excited, pretty much all she talks about.  My husband is working with her to go slow and pay attention.  Everytime she gets the opportunity, she is sitting high on the old grasshopper waiting to mow!

My son thinks she's crazy.  He's been mowing for about three years now and it's no longer new and fun.  He was laughing at her the other night because she would rather mow than swim right now.  We had to remind him that when he first learned to mow that he loved doing it too.  He said, 'but that was when it was fun, now I HAVE to do it!' And he's correct.  He's been given that chore for several years. 

That seems to be most of our problem.  When we first learn something new, it's fun and exciting.  But when it suddenly becomes a chore, we lose interest and begrudingly do it.  I feel that way about housework.  Right now, I'd much rather be outside doing almost anything, even mowing!  The problem with housework is that it never seems to get done because once you're finally finished, it's time to start over!  I have worked this over in my mind and finally came up with the idea that I am blessing my family by keeping a clean and orderly home.  I am teaching my children what a home should look like.  I am blessing my husband when he comes home from a hectic day at the office with a serene, well sometimes serene, home. 

Housework will never be fun for me.  I will always rather be outside.  But I can look at this everyday chore as a way to bless my family.  For me, it takes the chore out of housework and puts the joy back in!

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